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MV: I Can Love You Like That – All 4 One

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Rules of Trust Released

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In the next installment of “Rules Series” Lois and Clark have their date and more than just feelings are revealed. As they navigate through the next step in their relationship dead criminals appear to have risen from the dead and are committing crimes across Metropolis. Can Lois and Clark stop them? (2 of 10)

Website Updates October 2017

Fanfiction pages have been updated to include the following options:

  • PDF Download
  • Read it Now

New Fanfictions Coming Soon!

The “Rules” Series will include ten parts. Recently released “Guy Rule Number One” is the first of ten parts.

  • Guy Rule Number One
  • Rules of Trust
  • Rules of Battle
  • Rules of Family
  • Rules of Love
  • Rules of Guilt
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Rules of the Game
  • Rules of Marriage
  • Rules of War

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Guy Rule Number One Released

Check out the latest Lois and Clark fanfic on our website.



In the first of the “Rules” series, after Superman shows up at her apartment for a late night dance and Lois overhears a conversation between colleagues regarding Clark and Superman’s friendship and the rules of dating another guy’s ‘girl.’ Lois begins trying to push Clark Kent toward any woman interested. Meanwhile, Clark is trying desperately to talk to her about all these ‘dates’ she keeps setting him up on. Will these two ever get on the same page? (1 of 10)

Coming This Fall:

Fanfiction Layout Changes

The new Fanfiction pages will entail options to do the following:

  • Read the story now on the page
  • Download the PDF
  • View the Trailer (if app)

The screen-capped PDFs have been removed.

New Fanfiction pages will be rolled out in September

MV: Far Away – Nickelback

MV: People Help the People

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