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Website Updates: September 2018

How did it get to be September already? Yes, I know I’m behind on my posts and I have no excuse for it really, but I can promise some new additions by the end of this month:


  • Shattered
  • Fade Into You
  • Natural Causes: The Popcorn Kernel
  • Like A Wrecking Ball

If you haven’t already seen the post we have added the Lois and Clark filming dailies to our YouTube channel where you can view some of the fun moments during filming your favorite episodes.

Coming Soon!

As we step into October we will be preparing  Autumn and Halloween themed designs that will include the following:

  • Icons
  • Wallpapers
  • Banners

All of which will be available for download and use on your devices. Please credit @folc4evernaday for all designs.

Pending Fanfictions

  • Delusions of Grandeur
  • Hate Myself For Loving You
  • Down and Out: The Story of Wanda Detroit
  • Project: Superman
  • Memoirs of Jenna Blake: An Open Letter to Dan
  • Three Rules
  • Rules of War
  • Batman vs. Superman: The Real Dawn of Justice
  • Addicted
  • Best Man Wins
  • Trust, Lies, and Smart Kids
  • Ready or Not
  • Never Underestimate a Scoop
  • Testing Patience
  • Brown Eyes
  • Slow Dancing
  • Just Say Scardino
  • Just a Touch
  • Not My Fight

Fanfics! Fanfics! Get Your Fanfics!

I’ve been slacking on getting these bad boys up here but they’re finally here:

Newly Released PG Fanfics Include:

Newly Released N-Rated Fanfics Include:

Pending Works Include:


Testing a Theory 

Cat Grant is back and she knows a secret…or does she? Taking place after SLV in Season 4 Cat Grant goes to hilarious and insane lengths to prove her theory just as Lois and Clark begin to work through the trauma of being under the limelight of the media after the Superman scandal. Can Lois and Clark stop her from discovering Clark’s biggest secret? Or will the gossip columnist land the scoop of the lifetime?

Like A Wrecking Ball

In Conclusion to “In Too Deep” Lois and Clark have their date and the events from that morning help them both see one another in a different light.



Delusions of Grandeur

Clark Kent has been committed for thinking he’s Superman. Lex Luthor has tightened his hold on Metropolis. Lois Lane is missing. In order to stop his greatest enemy, Clark must face his own demons to save those he loves.


Rules of War

In the final installment of “Rules Series” Lois and Clark return from their Honeymoon and find themselves knee deep in an investigation into the odd behavior of government officials. When prisoners are released from Metropolis Penitentiary Superman faces a team of villains bent on revenge.

Rules of War-Coming Soon!


Delusions of Grandeur Coming Soon!



Lex Luthor knows Clark Kent is Superman. Now the man of steel is left powerless at the mercy of his mortal enemy…locked away in a mental facility, unable to get anyone to believe his greatest secret and unable to summon the powers he needs to escape thanks to the kryptonite bars that slowly break his body and mind.

2018 Kerth Video

February Updates

Website Updates

  • Cast Page Complete


  • Reoccurring Roles
  • Guest Stars
  • Timeline
  • Promos
  • Quotes

 New Designs

New Story Coming Soon!

Delusions of Grandeur




My Own Worst Enemy Released!

NFIC Version

PG-13 Version

Rules of Family Released

Check out the latest Lois and Clark fanfic on our website.



In the next installment of “Rules Series” Lois and Clark celebrate their first Christmas together as a couple. After stopping Winslow Schott from turning the city of Metropolis into a mob of greedy children the couple share Christmas Eve with Lois’ mother and Christmas morning in Smallville with the Kents. (4 of 10)

Rules of Battle Released

Check out the latest Lois and Clark fanfic on our website.



In the next installment of “Rules Series” Lois and Clark deal with the headaches of family when Lucy Lane shows up back in Metropolis with her newest boyfriend, Johnny Corbin. After finding out about Corbin’s criminal past, Lois does everything she can to pull her sister away from the petty thief, but he may be more dangerous than either she or Clark realize. (3 of 10)

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