May 2017 has brought some updates to the Lois and Clark Tribute website.

Cast and Character Icons can be found on the Cast page. You’ll find submenus for the Guest Stars and Reoccurring Roles. No bios or character descriptions are available as of yet, but those will be coming little by little over the next year.  If you hover over the icon of the actor/ actress the character icon will appear. (You wouldn’t believe how hard this effect is to make)

The Lois and Clark page has been revamped and the Timeline page has temporarily been disabled as that page is currently being revamped. It should be rolled out mid-summer along with the new Characters page.

New Icons:

New icons have been created for the submenus:


Coming Soon!

Promo Page (All Lois and Clark Promo images and videos)

Character Page with character bios

Timeline revamp

Actor Page with bios

More Videos

More Graphic Designs

Rollout of the following Fanfictions with new covers and updates to nfic scenes for those with (*) next to them:

  • Whine No More (Release date June 2017)
  • Epiphany
  • Ghost From the Past  (Release Date: August 2017)
  • What the Hey You Can’t Have Everything
  • Doe For President?
  • *Just Hold Me
  • *Target: Lois Lane
  • *Friends or Lovers?
  • *Collateral Damage (Release date: June 2017)
  • *When Churches Come Crashing Down
  • *Whine No More

New fic coming to the Lois and Clark Boards this Summer: My Own Worst Enemy (Conclusion to Ghost From the Past).