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Below is fun video put together by the Fans of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman for your enjoyment. This past year Lois and Clark hit a big milestone: 20 years of marriage. In honor of that milestone we decided to have some fun:

Here’s what the fans had to say about the show….

Well, first off the relationship. It is what drew me into the show, what kept me glued to the show, and what keeps me still so enamoured with it after all these years. The chemistry between Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher IMO has still, to this day never been topped. But what touched me the most about the show, what has always made it so special to me, were these specific characters in this specific relationship. Clark was alone. He didn’t know how to really ‘be’ himself. He had doubts. Lois was scared. She didn’t trust people. She didn’t think that she could open herself up to others.

Growing up, I was the type that took a long time to really be myself around other people. I needed to be really comfortable in situations to be me. I would pick and choose when I could open up. L&C came on the air when I was 13–it could not have been better timing It hit me
like a lightning bolt!

Here were these characters that I looked up to–who I admired–who were feeling what I was feeling… Who were second-guessing themselves… Who were unsure… Lois and Clark validated every week what I was wondering about myself. And most amazingly, they figured it all out…they figured ‘life’ out. They learned how to trust themselves, and how to trust someone else. They found their best friend, and they found love Watching ‘Lois’ and ‘Clark’ had a huge
impact on me growing up. And the fact that these amazing characters were part of a wonderful, romantic love story? Could not get any better.

Dean Cain’s gorgeousness…just kidding! (I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t somewhere relatively high on the list.) Really, I think what I love most about it is probably the way it just shows Clark’s humanity so much coexisting with his unimaginable power. That’s always been the most fascinating and interesting thing about Superman in general to me, and this show does a lot more to show it than many versions of Superman. I also think the Lois Lane in this show is one of the best in Superman history – she just feels a lot more fleshed-out and well-rounded as a
character as opposed to just being a generic headstrong woman/damsel-in-distress/love interest combo.I also really love just how bizarre this show is, and how it somehow makes it work as well as it does! I mean, really, it’s in a category all its own. A superhero show, and a rom-com, and so much more…Really, I’m a big Superman fan in general and Lois & Clark definitely succeeds in giving me a lot of things I want that many other Superman incarnations fail to do as successfully. Especially those times when it just so effectively shows the intersection of the human and the “super” in a poignant and meaningful way. And I also just really appreciate it so much for its unique character and vision.

Everything! Ha! The chemistry between Dean and Teri was phenomenal and I enjoy the flirting and the banter and even the angst the show put us through leading up to them finally being together.

No doubt the chemistry between Dean and Teri they just played off each other really well. Teri’s Lois Lane was what also drew me in I was in my early teens at the time and loved the idea of having a strong female in what was an old boys club. It’s also why Lois Lane is still a favorite
fictional character of mine.

I also grew up with the Christopher Reeve Superman movies – my dad had them on Betamax and I watched those (and Star Wars) and nauseum as a kid. It always bothered me that Clark was a disguise. If he grew up on Earth, isn’t that who he is? LnC originally aired when I was in high school, and it finally got things right – Clark was the guy, Superman was the disguise (and it helped that they were both hot). I also empathized with Lois a great deal. I didn’t always agree with her, but I got that she was going to do what she was going to do no matter what other people thought. The romance was a bonus, and it grew very organically. I did almost give up on the show at the end of season 2 when Clark STILL couldn’t find a way to tell Lois who he was. They did get it right, though, and I’m glad I stuck with it. It’s still my favorite TV romance ever.

Virginia R.
Crazily enough, I love that Lois and Clark are both perfect people with flaws. Lois is flawed in the same way I am (or picture myself as or easily could’ve been in an alternative universe, had I been born a brunette), so that helps. I love that she’s tough, brave, smart, driven, and somewhat scary and that Clark admires her for it. Mostly, I was intrigued by Clark being the man and Superman being the disguise.

I grew up with the Chris Reeves movies, and Clark acting like an idiot, therefore, Dean’s portrayal of Clark was refreshing. I *love* that he fell in love with Lois at first sight and that’s it’s HIM playing catch-up, instead of him patronizingly teasing her to see through Clark’s disguise. It’s less insulting of Lois. I liked having Lex Luthor as the esteemed businessman, whom Lois admires and Clark has to battle both as Superman and as Clark.

I adore Perry’s Elvis addiction. However, one can’t beat that Martha and Jonathan are still alive, are intelligent farmers, and Clark sees them as an asset to his life, past, present, and future (more so than a dead planet that abandoned him, albeit unwillingly when he was an infant). Krypton may have given him the blood in his veins and his powers, but it was Martha and Jonathan who made him the sweet, loving, upstanding citizen and man he became. (The other version is also very insulting to adoptive parents.) Plus, everything about Tempus. He’s a villain I love to hate.

I love how they portrayed Lois and Clark. I like Lois for not just being the “damsel in distress”. She is equal to Clark but at the same time she is insecure and needs him as much as he needs her. I like Clark because he is not just Superman in disguise but also a normal man. I can relate to many things in Lois’ life (not the “jumping in without checking the water-level”)and I think I can understand how she had become the way she was when she and Clark met. I think many people prefer other heroes because they see Superman as an invincible god-like alien and they might think that is boring.

For me, Clark Kent is the important person, not Superman because he is kind and caring and vulnerable. He suffers when he failes to save someone. In spite of the danger for himself and also I’m sure many of the things he’s seen are more than horrible he keeps helping in every possible way.

The chemistry and relationships as others above have mentioned. And not just the relationship between Lois & Clark. This was the first version of Superman I saw where both Martha and Jonathan were there to support and advise Clark. I never read many of the comics, but did watch reruns of The Adventures of Superman with George Reeves when they were shown in syndication when I was a kid. As I recall, there was never any mention of Smallville or the Kents. And in the movies, Jonathan passed when Clark was in high school. The hologram of Jor-El took his place, a poor substitute for the human Jonathan IMO. Having both parents there into his twenties made L&C unique in my mind, and from the start, I saw such potential for the relationships to develop. And unlike other brusque versions of Perry, Lane Smith played him as a real mentor to Lois, Clark and Jimmy. Those relationships also grew with the series.

I don’t think it’s just one thing, I’ve been a fan since it aired when I was just a kid and if I’m flipping through channels and it pops up on some obscure rerun channel, it’s where is stop. I think what I liked about it has changed as I grew up and I appreciate the more intricate details of their relationship more now than when I was a kid. I think I just like shows about outcasts trying to live normal lives even though it’s not really possible. (My other 2 favorites from the 90’s are Buffy and The secret world of Alex Mack). I also like strong female roles that reflect a lot of my own life. There are very few female software developers out there so I live in a man’s world very much like Lois. I’m very much a tomboy and have the scars to go with it.

It’s a whole bunch of things. The chemistry between Dean and Teri. The way the writers emphasized Clark as the real person and Superman as the disguise. The portrayal of Lois
as this strong, intelligent, independent woman instead of as a silly little bimbo. The development of characters like Perry and Jimmy- I love that they weren’t simply there to
fill a gap or further a plot, but were important parts of Lois and Clark’s lives.

Here are a few of the fans’ favorite episodes….

1-01 The Pilot
1-05 Requiem For A Superhero
1-06 I’ve Got A Crush On You
1-08 Green Green Glow of Home
1-10 Pheromone My Lovely
1-11 Honeymoon In Metropolis
1-18 Vatman
1-21 House of Luthor
2-04 The Prankster
2-05 Church of Metropolis
2-07 That Old Gang of Mine
2-08 A Bolt From the Blue
2-09 Season’s Greedings
2-10 Metallo
2-13 The Phoenix
2-16 Lucky Leon
2-18 Tempus Fugitive
2-21 Whine Whine Whine
2-22 And the Answer Is…
3-01 We Have A Lot To Talk About
3-02 Ordinary People
3-05 Just Say Noah
3-06 Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape
3-07 Ultrawoman
3-10 Virtually Destroyed
3-11 Home Is Where The Hurt Is
3-14 Tempus Anyone?
3-15 I Now Pronounce You…
3-22 Big Girls Don’t Fly
4-01 Lord of the Flys
4-02 Battleground Earth
4-04 Soul Mates
4-05 Brutal Youth
4-06 The People vs. Lois Lane
4-07 Dead Lois Walking
4-14 Meet John Doe
4-15 Lois and Clarks
4-16 AKA Superman

Here are a few of their favorite quotes…

Swear to God This Time We’re Not Kidding

Clark: Lois, I have loved you from the moment I saw you. I love your humor, your passion…the way you just dive right in…even when you shouldn’t. Because you refuse to just watch the world. You demand that it be a better place and because of you, it is. And so today I want to give you as much of the world as I can. So today I give you my heart, my soul and our future.

Lois: Clark, you’re my best friend. Before I met you I never had a best friend. And falling in love with you has been so easy. I don’t know why I fought it for so long. You have such gentle grace and such quiet strength, but mostly…such incredible kindness. I’ve never known anyone with as pure a heart. So today I
give you my love, my honor, and our life…together.

Don’t Tug on Superman’s Cape

Lois: Ever since we met or actually, ever since I took the time to listen, something about you always made sense to me.

Honeymoon in Metropolis

Clark: Goodnight, Lois….Lois, goodnight…GOOOODNIGHTTTT LO-ISSSSS!!!!!

Double Jeopardy

Clark: Do You KNOW how EASILY I could KILL YOU!?!
Lex: Probably
Clark: Probably NOT!

Honeymoon in Metropolis

Clark: There is no such word as ‘chumpy’
Lois: Of course there is. Someone’s a ‘chump.’
Therefore he’s’ chumpy.’
Clark: Try again.
Lois: Are you challenging me?
Clark: You bet your sweet little chumpy I am.


Lois:You know, if somebody asked me three days ago, ‘Who’s the one person in the world you really admire?’ I’d’ve said you. Without really knowing what that meant. Without understanding that the hardest thing about being you is all the things you can’t do; all the cries for help you can never answer; and all the ways that quietly tears you apart…but never stops you. And living a little of that myself, I felt something… something I never thought was possible.
Clark: What?
Lois: I love you more. More than I ever have…more than thought I could love anyone.

Super Mann

Jimmy: It’s all weird. We live in Metropolis!

Battleground Earth

Clark: Marry me, Lois. Let’s not plan. Let’s not wait. Let’s not let clone-makers or psycho psychiatrists or women who shrink people into little people keep us apart. Just marry me.
Lois: You know that’s precisely what I was thinking.

Seasons Greedings:

Clark and Jimmy: Lois is in Trouble. Lois is in Trouble.

Honeymoon in Metropolis

Clark: Told ya.
Lois: You call THAT a dictionary???

Ordinary People

Clark: Being with you is stronger than me alone.

Neverending Battle

Lois: What he can’t do it doesn’t matter. It’s the idea of Superman. Someone to bring a few hopes around. Whatever he can do, that’s enough.

Seasons Greedings

Martha: I never spanked you. I never had to, but right now I’d like to drop your britches and tan your hide like cheap leather.

Swear To God This Time We’re Not Kidding

Lois: You know you should get yourself to Harvard–That’s a college in Boston–and turn yourself over to the science lab as the newly discovered, one of a kind lowest form of life in the known universe!

Chip Off the Old Clark

Clark: Boy I must be in trouble if the calvary’s here.

A Bolt From the Blue

Lois: We need to talk to Superman, and the only way I can ever seem to get his attention is to fall out a window–which I’d rather not do right now–or tell you, so here I am.
Clark: Oh, I forgot my mail downstairs.
Lois: Clark, this is important. You can get your mail later.
Clark: Yeah, but I’m expecting my, uh, Cheese of the Month shipment. I’ll be right back.

Big Girls Don’t Fly

Clark: Lois, I have loved you from the beginning.
Lois: And I will love you to the end.
Clark: In my heart, I am your husband.
Lois: And I am your wife.
Clark: Always.

Swear To God This Time We’re Not Kidding

Lois: Superman is a very good friend of ours and if he thought you were helping Myrtle in any way, well the phrase God Help you would take on a whole new meaning…because only God could.

A Bolt From the Blue

Superman: If you don’t come with me right now I will follow you everywhere you go from now till the day one of us dies, and I will save everyone before you do.

Tempus Fugitive

Tempus: Hello! Duh!

Strange Visitor From Another Planet

Martha: Honey, we don’t care if you’re a Russian or a Martian.

Battleground Earth

Lois: Lois: You know what? I don’t like New Krypton. There, I said it. I know you’re supposed to be so intellectually advanced, but I I am sorry Kal El even gave you the time of day much less sacrificed everything to save your stupid planet.

A Bolt From the Blue

Superman: I have tried to be patient. I’ve tried to be understanding…
Resplendent Man: Get a grip here. Do tell you what to do? No I do not and I would appreciate the same courtesy from you.
Superman: You will take this to heart you will memorize it, you will live it: The strong do not exploit the weak, the powerful do not attacke the defenseless, and you do NOT use your x-ray vision to spy on women in a locker room!

Tempus Fugitive:

Lois: You are Superman.
Clark: No, Superman is what I can do. Clark is who I am.

20 years later, 3,724 fans, 7,863 fanfictions have been written carrying on the legacy started when a Farmboy from Kansas stepped off a bus and entered the Daily Planet and came face to face with his future, the no-nonsense, take no prisoners star reporter, Lois Lane.

Every year, Fans of Lois and Clark from all around the world come together to honor Authors that help bring new life to a show that may be off the air, but still lives in the hearts of fans all around the world.

From Episode Rewrites…

…New Characters….

…New Revelations…

….And In-Between / After-the Facts…
These Authors take the time out of their lives to write stories inspired by the show you created and made all of us fall in love with over and over. It would be an honor to have you join us for the 2017 Kerth Awards Ceremony. Below is the list of nominated stories. Come join us and celebrate 20+ years of Lois and Clark.

Annomynous Google Account Info will be provided 🙂

No need to download software. Just click the link and sign in with a Google Account.

Kerth Ceremony Link

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2017 Kerth Nominee List

Best Super-short (1-10k)

Changing Perspectives– NostalgiaKick
Changing the Game– NostalgiaKick
Clearing the Air– NostalgiaKick
Filtering Out– Susan Young
Innocents– Queen of the Capes
It’s All About Timing– Lieta
It’s Impossible– bakasi
Mirror, Mirror– SciFiJoan
Muddying the Waters– NostalgiaKick
Only a Friend– Queen of the Capes
Tempora Mutantur– Bakasi
The Art of Conversation- Scene 1– VirginiaR
The Case of the Missing Artwork/The Purloined Paintings– Lynn S. M.
The Loser– Lois_Lane_Fan
The Naming of Cats– Lynn S. M.
Veni, Vidi, Vici– Deadly Chakram
Yes or No?– NostalgiaKick
Rising Star– Lynn S. M.

Best Short (11-50k)

1 of 5– Susan Young
A Stark Conversation– Deadly Chakram
Adieu– Susan Young
An Incredible Movie Experience– Deadly Chakram
Countdown– Mouserocks
End of an Era– Terry Leatherwood
Mamihlapinatapei– Susan Young
Summer– Morgana
That Old Code of Ours– Lieta
The Assignment– Deadly Chakram

Best Mid-length (51-200k)

Between the Pages– VirginiaR
Dance With Me– Morgana
Don’t Be Cruel– cuidadora
Mind’s Eye– CLeuch
Superman GO– Deadly Chakram
The Real Me– CLeuch
The Wrong Man– NostalgiaKick

Best Long/Epic (201k+)

A Farmer’s Tale– Deadly Chakram
Airport– Morgana
Ghost of a Chance– AntiKryptonite
Gotham Nights– CLeuch
Krypton’s Legacy– Deadly Chakram
Proposed Ignorance– Deadly Chakram
Winner Takes All– folc4evernaday

Best First Kiss

Airport– Morgana
Don’t Be Cruel– cuidadora
Ghost of a Chance– AntiKryptonite
Mamihlapinatapei– Susan Young
Mind’s Eye– CLeuch
The Loser– Lois_Lane_Fan
The Wrong Man– NostalgiaKick
Winner Takes All– folc4evernaday
Between the Pages– VirginiaR
A Farmer’s Tale– Deadly Chakram

Best Revelation

Airport– Morgana. Lois Lane
End of an Era– Terry Leatherwood. Lex Luthor
Ghost of a Chance– AntiKryptonite. Lois Lane.
Mind’s Eye– CLeuch. Lois Lane.
Muddying the Waters– NostalgiaKick. Lois Lane.
Proposed Ignorance– Deadly Chakram. Lois Lane.
Seeking Friendship– Lieta. Lois Lane.
Superman GO– Deadly Chakram. Lois Lane.
That Old Code of Ours– Lieta. Lois Lane.
The Real Me– CLeuch. Lois Lane.
The Wrong Man– NostalgiaKick. Lois Lane.
Winner Takes All– folc4evernaday. Lois Lane, Dr. Klein.
Krypton’s Legacy– Deadly Chakram. Jor-El, Lois Lane, Bureau 39, Trask, Lana Lang, Ins. Henderson.

Best Supporting/Original Character

Adieu– Susan Young. Cat Grant.
Mind’s Eye– CLeuch. The genie.
Mission on Fifth Street– Cuidadora. Mother Mary Frances
The Case of the Missing Artwork/The Purloined Paintings– Lynn S. M. Patrick Ulysses Nestor.
The Loser– Lois_Lane_Fan. Lucy Lane.
When Churches Come Crashing Down– folc4evernaday. Lucy Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Det. Wolfe, Ins. Henderson
Winner Takes All– folc4evernaday. Lucy Lane.
The Assignment– Deadly Chakram. Mike.
A Stark Conversation– Deadly Chakram. Tony Stark/Iron Man.
Krypton’s Legacy– Deadly Chakram. Jor-El.
Gotham Nights– CLeuch. Matt Owens.
Veni, Vidi, Vici– Deadly Chakram. Lex Luthor.
Fallout-2016-Matchmaker Chronicles Vol1 CG3– KenJ. Morgana.
Airport– Morgana. Gregory Daae.
1 of 5– Susan Young. The Narrator.
Rising Star– Lynn S. M. Barry, Melody.

Best Comedy

Innocents– Queen of the Capes
It’s Impossible– bakasi
The Case of the Missing Artwork/The Purloined Paintings– Lynn S. M.
Tempora Mutantur– Bakasi
Mind’s Eye– CLeuch.

Best Overall Story

A Farmer’s Tale– Deadly Chakram
Airport– Morgana
Ghost of a Chance– AntiKryptonite.
The Wrong Man– NostalgiaKick.
Don’t Be Cruel– cuidadora
Krypton’s Legacy– Deadly Chakram
Ambivalence– Nivafrer
Mamihlapinatapei– Susan Young

Best New Author